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Avoid Contract Fraud with Digital Signing

Signing has been a means of document authentication for centuries, and has always been exposed to forging by fraudsters. With Electronic Signatures and Forms Automation you can now resolve some contract fraud issues your business may have suffered, or keep your organisation safer from future attempts at forgery of documents.
While going paperless is an important step towards the digital transformation of a business, to reliably embed security in your document processing infrastructure you need a Digital Transaction Management solution, of which electronic signatures and document workflow automation are an important core element.
However not all electronic signatures are secure. The most secure signatures include, in addition to the handwritten signature, a set of biometric features such as pressure, acceleration, speed, timestamp and GPS coordinates, which are securely attached to the signature’s image within the document. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be reproduced, making biometric signatures forensically identifiable. If required, forensic experts can in fact perform a signature verification at any time, using specialised software, to get a Court-admissible result just as they would with a wet signature.

Microelectronic is the Australian distributor and service partner for Namirial, the creator of eSignAnyWhere, a complete Digital Signing solution based on the proven SIGNificant platform by Xyzmo.

eSignAnyWhere (eSAW) is an enterprise platform that enables you to choose the best solution for every channel and business process as you need it, by running it either on your own servers (on-premises), or in your private cloud, or in the Namirial cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS).

By adopting eSAW you will have access to Namirial’s state-of-the-art technology which, due to its compliance with the European legislation, has rapidly become a world benchmark in efficiency, security and flexibility.

The key functions offered by eSAW are:

  • Management of e-signature workflows, based on documents or envelopes
  • Routing of documents or envelopes to multiple participants, in a pre-defined sequence
  • Working across various channels, such as Ethernet, Internet or mobile network, on signature pads or signature tablets connected to PCs, POS or thin clients, as well as mobile tablets and smartphones
  • Ensuring transactional security across all channels
  • Capturing signatures in various forms: handwritten, biometric, image-to-sign, text-to-sign or click-to-sign, with corporate, personal or one-time digital certificates,
  • Using a user-friendly dashboard interface to set-up, monitor and review transactions.
See for yourself an example of how eSignAnyWhere works (free access, with registration).

The Namirial e-signing solutions can be easily integrated with business applications through web services. Currently available connectors include: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word and Outlook. If you want to discuss your integration needs, please contact us and someone from our software support team will be in touch.

Namirial e-signature solutions have been adopted by hundreds of leading companies worldwide in all market sectors, including Banking & Finance, Automotive, Insurance, Utilities, Public Administration, Telecommunications, Retail and Health Care. For an extensive list of Namirial’s main customers please enquire with us.

Comparison of Paper and Digital Signature Properties

PropertyPaper SignaturesDigital Signatures
Can be applied to electronic documents and transactionsNoYes
Signature verification can be automatedNoYes
Alterations to signatures or document can be automatically detectedNoYes
Constitutes proof of intention to signYesYes
Can be augmented by use of one or more witnessesYesYes
Legally recognisedYesYes


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