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Italian Energy Customers Settle Disputes Online

Italian Energy Customers Settle Disputes Online

Disputes are a fact of life. In Australia, according to the Bureau of Statistics, there was a total of over 50,000 working days lost in the 12 months till June 2018 due to industrial disputation. The requirement for individuals to attend hearings in person, with the relevant tribunals or other parties, is one of the main causes for the heavy toll that these proceedings take on personal productivity and efficiency.

A new technology developed by the Italian company Namirial, represented in Australia by Microelectronic, offers a solution to this problem with a radical improvement in efficiency and convenience without compromising, in fact improving, the security of the overall process.

The case of the Italian Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water

Italian energy customers and suppliers can now rely on a fast and highly efficient way to settle disputes. The online Customer Dispute Settlement Service allows users to save time and money by removing the need to attend in person at a dispute settlement meeting.

This innovative project is part of a larger program for the digital transformation of public service and was recently undertaken by the Italian Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water (ARERA), a government body that oversees and regulates the energy and water supply to citizens.

The technology solution is based on two software applications called LiveID and eSignAnyWhere, by Namirial, which allow customers to have a face to face online meeting with both the energy operator and an expert conciliator, while relying on live video identification and e-signature-based authentication. Each individual settlement is collaboratively negotiated, documented and electronically signed by all parties in a legally binding agreement.

The whole process is as easy as a video chat with friends or family and, likewise, the only requirements are an internet connection, a microphone and, optionally, a camera on the consumer’s device (smartphone, tablet or desktop PC).

The solution was designed to provide evidential proof and non-repudiation of signed documents. Customers are authenticated via a One-Time Password (OTP) and documents are signed with one-time digital certificates issued by Namirial trust centre.

This dispute resolution system has been operating for several months now and during this time most disputes have been resolved without legal action being required, with substantial benefits not only for the parties directly involved but also, indirectly, for the judiciary.

Check out this short video explaining the mediation process.

If you want to know more about this solution, or run a trial for your evaluation, please enquire here.

Note:    Namirial LiveID provides a full-featured customer identification process, fully compliant with the most recent Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Using Namirial eSignAnyWhere, documents are signed in compliance with the 910/2014 EU Regulation (eIDAS, electronic IDentity and Signature). Both platforms can be obtained as Software-as-a-Service, deployed in a private cloud or on-premises.