TM300B Coin Sorter/Counter

The TM-300B Coin Sorter Counter is a particularly quiet, robust machine that represents more than 10 years of design and manufacture of banking equipment. The versatility of these products have repeatedly been used on banking sites, in counting desks, at transportation and communication companies and various other money handling sites. The new simple designed compact coin sorting and counting machine provides accurate and quick results.



  • Sorts and Counts
      Designed to process a large quantity of coins by denomination, separating each coin into individual drawers.
  • Operation
      Simple to operate and sorts into eight drawers with a ninth drawer for rejected coins.
  • Advanced Technology
      Reliable detection and rejection of foreign or “dud” coins.
  • Design and Build Quality
      Robust and durable construction minimises down time and service costs.
  • Programmable
      Easily set batch quantities to assist in banking preparation.
  • Extended Hopper
      Motor driven with a capacity of 3,000 coins



Technical Information:

Sorting Capacity: Up to 9 hoppers including a reject hopper.
Extended Hopper Capacity : 3,000 coins
Sorting Speed: 600 coins/minute.
Dimensions D 300 x W 700 x H 582mm.
Weight: 32kg
Power supply: 240V 50Hz 30 Watts