Handling High Cash Volumes

Handling High Cash Volumes

Introducing the bagging-capable TCR: CM18b

The ARCA Bagging Teller Cash Recycler (CM18b) is a real time-saver for businesses dealing with high volumes of cash and especially retail banks. It handles cash many times faster than tellers and back-office staff without human error. Staff productivity is reclaimed, and more time can be available for customer assistance and close-of-day activity.

The CM18b is a deposit solution that not only automatically bags the notes, but it also recycles banknotes by predefined business rules. The tamper-evident bags are sealed securely inside the unit and are ready for in-house storage, CIT pickup or lower cost secure courier moves. The system eliminates the time required to manually prepare cash as well as the need for dual control.
Up to 3000 notes can be neatly stacked in a self-sealing, barcoded bag located in the front part of the system’s safe and securely separated from the rear recycling section, which can store an additional 3000 notes into six rolled storage modules. The capability of transferring excess cash directly from the recycling modules into the bag makes the CM18b suitable for non-stop operation with a virtually unlimited inbound capacity.

CM18b Quick Specification:

– Deposit/dispense transactions in batches of up to 200 notes

– Deposit speed up to 5 notes per second

– Dispense speed up to 7 notes per second

– Recycling area: up to 6 recycling cassettes, up to 500 notes per cassette (3,000 notes recycle capacity)

– Deposit area:  A mechanically sealed bag, up to a capacity of 3,000 Australian banknotes

– Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light, plus magnetic and ultrasound sensors

– RS232, USB 2.0 and TCP/IP connectivity.

Watch a YoutTube video on CM18b

The feature of securely and accurately reporting on bagged out-sorted notes, either of a single note-issue or of combined issues and mixed denominations, makes CM18b suitable to support very high cash volume branches. Some branch profiles may necessitate one or more systems used as online vaults or as standalone appliances.
The most common use cases for the CM18b are
– recycling the cash needed for daily cash transactions while storing away the rest,
– processing large commercial withdrawals or deposits,
– out-sorting older generation note series for return to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) or destruction.
The CM18b offers the unique feature of a dedicated bagging system built on the proven, reliable ARCA cash recycling platform of the successful CM18 TCR.  The CM18b is ideal for  efficient cash automation and higher productivity in cash handling.