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EVO180T Assisted Self-Banking terminal, based on the ARCA TCR CM18T-EVO, is a versatile in-branch system that can be used as a stand-alone customer-facing solution or as a partially-assisted service technology in conjunction with a teller.

This pliability allows branches to tailor the technology to fit their individual needs in a very compact footprint. The EVO180T can be configured to operate as an attended ATM via your switch or as a branch device utilising your core banking system. Being modular by design, you can nominate which components each Assisted Self-Banking terminal requires for your branch, depending on what in-branch services you want to offer to your customers.

By using our modular, customisable Assisted Self-Banking terminal, transactions can be relocated to a lower cost self-service channel, thus freeing branch staff to build or develop customer relationships and allowing them to focus on generating revenue for the bank.